About Us

Vishal Steel (India) is one of the largest steel tubing manufacturers with over 60000 square feet of stockyard in Taloja Navi Mumbai. Our company was established in 1987, which has been subsequently become one of the best tycoon in this field. 

Vishal Steel (India) keeps stock and has a wide array of many popular grades of different steel boiler & heat exchanger tubes. These tubing can be availed in sizes that are hard to find in specific grades. In case of emergencies, sudden plant shut down or maintenance we, have all the materials required in our extensive inventory. We distribute top-quality products and services throughout the world.

The journey of our trading started in 1987 as we ventured and exported products across the Middle East and West Africa. Due to our success over the years, we were able to invest in high-quality machinery. As a result, our logistics gradually started improving and are one of the best today. We were credited with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and PED 97/23/EC quality certificate in which, certified our high standards.

ISO certificates
ISO certificates
ISO certificates

The founder of Vishal Steel (India) is Gautam Mehta who started this company from scratch and took it to big heights. As the company started growing so, did the employment within the company. We have some of the most passionate and hardworking employees on our payroll who believe in quality over anything.

Vishal Steel (India) prides itself on having over 10000 tons of ready boiler tubing material. This stock consists of more than 8 alloys which can be cut and availed in different shapes and thicknesses. We can also tell you that we have the ability to provide products of specific sizes due to our huge stockpile of inventory. This invariably saves our customers additional costs and prevents wastage of valuable assets.


Our Vision and Core Values
The vision and core values of our institution help us to improve and be successful in the global markets. At Vishal Steel (India), we follow and live by our values and thrive towards our vision. These ethics help us to make strategic decisions and use our resources in the best way possible. All our choices are well thought and help us grow bigger day by day.

Our Vision
To be the frontrunner around the globe for premium high strength steel and metal plates along with various fabrication units.

Core Values
Our work is based and focused on our beliefs and commitments to all these values.

There is always space for improvement
All the tasks and projects we work around are centered on the philosophy of continuous improvement. With every feedback, we keep on improving our functioning and services.

We anchor the growth of our customers
Vishal Steel (India) continuously listens and follows the instructions put forth by our customers. We aim to provide the best remedy to all their problems. 

Honesty is the right policy
We simply believe in honesty while striving to reach our goals. To change or distort facts is strongly against our beliefs and functioning.

Transparency in our functioning 
There is always a line open for intervention from our patrons, workers, and shareholders to check the progress of our systems.

A few hands are better than many hands
Our goal is to have the best talent who are able to produce the best solution together. Our core group members are determined to provide the best opportunities to businesses, customers, and all the communities we adhere to.

Open communication system
Our team members are encouraged to share their views and opinions on various subjects without tension of any subjection.

Safe environment for our people
We focus on providing and improving the well-being of our workspace and the surroundings we live in.

The best material for the best people
Our employees make use of the best raw materials and utilize our cutting-edge technological services to produce the best in the market solutions to fulfil all the requests of our buyers.

A quality outcome over a short span of time
We thrive to empower our solutions to our consumers in a small time frame. Our quality is never compromised whilst providing a unique service.

All standards and regulations have been properly adhered
On the lookout for the best, we also keep track of all regulations set by various unions. This reduces the risk of any problems or issues for our clients.

We believe in facts
All our decisions are based on facts and proper planning. We discuss these facts with all the individuals associated with us.

Innovation is the key to our future
The development of new products and services is dependent on our ability to function at the highest levels tomorrow and in the distant future. This line of products will determine different trends and help improve the overall functioning of the institution.

Embracing change
Capitalizing and making changes in a positive mindset. We thrive to empower our staff and business to improve continuously.

We deliver the best results using the right way
We uphold our promises and decisions to provide the best-in-class results. Our actions and quality are not compromised in the race for providing results quickly. 

It takes a lot of focus and dedication to providing the best services. Our ethics help us to provide our customers, shareholders, employees, and the community success and improvement in their lives. They invariably guides us to allocate resources, make calculated and tactical decisions, which places us in the best position to give top-quality results on a daily basis.